Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunday weigh in on a Tuesday.... Video weigh in

And here are this weeks pictures!

Not too much of a difference, but I'll take a 4 pound loss!


  1. woo hoo --- 4 pounds -- way to go Nicole! I enjoyed watching your video blog - can relate to some of those "little" things that skinny people take for granted. The booth is the best spot to sit in a restaurant -- I hear ya! I also wouldn't worry about posting a blog EVERY day - I would think that would get old real fast. At least for me it would. Oh -- I also like my chocolate too! I find that the fat free chocolate pudding cups with fat free cool whip is usually an acceptable substitute. I also like no sugar fudge bars -- pretty yummy and low in points. Keep it up -- four pounds that you won't see again!

  2. Great job this week! First...I love Dexter, the dog and the name (and the show). As far as using the Weight Watcher app to track, it's been GREAT for me too! You can change your starting weight but I believe it has to be done online. I had the same problem since I stopped and started Weight Watchers a couple of times. When I started this time, I was able to change it so I can track without having the wrong number! As far as desserts go...I agree, chocolate pudding is so good and so low in points. I also happen to like the little WW cakes they sell in the store. They have a lemon cake, a chocolate cake and something that tastes like a Twinkie (OK, it's clearly not as GOOD as a Twinkie, but it's not bad either!!) There are also so many dessert recipes on the app and in their cookbooks. I find the challenge however is keeping yourself from not eating more than one or two servings...and sometimes the servings are fairly small.

    I can relate to the challenges that you mentioned. Just yesterday I went to a diner with a couple of people that are new friends (my old friends know me better). Of course they went right for a booth when I was praying for a table. I have a big mouth but it all went too quickly and into a booth we went...it would have been far too humiliating to have moved at that point.I was preoccupied the ENTIRE time and miserable. I cannot wait to be able to sit like a normal person. I would also like to be able to walk into a "normal" store and buy "normal" sized clothes. I've been fat for so long that I don't even know what clothes exist out there! I order everything online and despise getting dressed in the morning I guess we'll see.

    Keep up the great work and best of luck each day! :)