Friday, January 6, 2012

Shimmying and other forms of debauchery

Ah, the look on a coworker’s face when you politely decline the yogurt/sugary cereal mixture.  It almost broke my heart.  Not to mention, the wonderful florists that we work with brought in a big pink box of doughnuts. I told you my office was a living hell. Today was, shall we say…trying. Being in Admin during the first of the year is stressful, especially when you’re just starting out. Not to mention, we’re dealing with my great grandma being diagnosed with liver cancer.  Needless to say the first thing I wanted today was a brick of chocolate. But I know that if I did eat badly the only thing that would change would be my weight.  All the problems and stress would be there once the food was gone. Being the stress eater that I am, that was a big step in the right direction.  So I took a big breath and a long sip of water and moved on with my day. I went and saw my granny and she told me the best way to lose weight is being in a hospital, she lost 8 pounds since the first of the year. Even with the cancer, she’s still got her spunk. She almost made me cry when she said she has to live long enough to see me get married. I told her that she would, and if things were looking bad, Phil and I would go to the courthouse and she could come.
Ok enough of the sad stuff. One of the highlights of my day was having my roommate call me and try to figure out a dinner to make for. For those of you that don’t know, Phil and I live with one of my best friends, Sunami. Yes. That is her real name. Yes. She has heard every last cheesy line about “riding the tsunami.”  She’s a Puerto Rican firecracker that has never had to diet a day in her life that makes the best can-can pork chops (a deep fried pork chop with the slab of bacon and skin still attached, so basically a heart attack on a plate).  My favorite part of the conversation:

Sunami: So what can’t you eat on your diet?
Me: I can eat pretty much everything.
Sunami: So anything?
Me: Yeah, except gravy.
Sunami: (in the most heartbroken tone imaginable) No gravy?!?!

And let me tell you, that girl made the best chicken stir fry with brown rice I’ve had in my entire life.  And it was only around 9 points. AMAZING!
So, I’ve been talking a lot about the way I eat and not a lot of the exercise that I’ve been doing. Today, I tried my new belly dancing DVD.  Holy shizzballs, I was dying after the warm up. Every time I wanted to give up I just kept repeating in my head “baby steps Nik, baby steps” So after the warm up of shimmying and other coordinated moves that made me look like I was having a seizure, I decided maybe it was time to play with our medicine ball. Then I finished up with 15 minutes of everybody dance and some stretching. While I might not be killing myself with my workouts, it’s more than I did yesterday. And in the end, that’s all that matters. Everything is baby steps. And eventually I’ll be running marathons.
I really hope you guys are excited about the video weigh in on Sunday. I have a lot of really great ideas.  
Oh and before I end this, I found this recipe I made the last time I was on weight watchers. It’s quite possibly the easiest soup in the world to make and it’s full of flavor.  Plus, it’s only 4 points per serving. This recipe makes about 10 servings.

 I hope you guys are still finding this blog entertaining and informative. Thanks for supporting me, I love you all!



  1. Really proud of you Nicole. When I started losing weight two years ago I could hardly climb the stairs to my apartment. I found that 1) drinking water and 2) staying in motion were the most important things for the first few weeks. After that, stepping up the workout intensity was easy because I had already cut so much of the crap from my diet. Stay positive and motivated. You have to bet on yourself, it is your best bet!

  2. I personally love you to death and think you are amazing. If you would like to "add to your exercise" and walk with me around the cemetery instead of skulking on the roof while smoking...or not smoking on brakes and fine with me. :)

  3. PS I LOVE your personal motivations you have added. They are an inspiration to anyone who reads this, and I love what Jeff said!!

  4. I was looking around the Weight Watchers page on Facebook when I found your blog. I thought I would pop over and see what you were all about. It's not always easy to smile when you are dealing with weight loss...but I'm loving your attitude! It looks like this is it for're READY! Me too...the time has come.

    I started Weight Watchers (again) this week and I'm looking at a minimum of an 85 pound weight loss. The last time I was thin was for my own wedding (so I know what you are going through) and that was in 1996. Since then I've lost my dad (big time emotional eating), had two children, one with IVF (it took 3 years, I think I gained a pound a week on those meds!!) and thyroid disease and thyroid cancer. I always thought it was strange how people would blame their size on their thyroid...but then again, I had no idea what the darn thing did anyway. Now I know and it's an EVIL little bugger! Regardless, it's a year since my last surgery, the thyroid is out and despite the fact that it *should* be easier to lose, I'M STILL FAT! Now it's up to me to stop the crap and get on with my life.

    My life is fairly insane but I've had it with the weight issues. I'm also working on a blog with my daily food, WW recipes I'm trying, etc. thinking it will be a great way to work through this program. This time I'm making two giant changes...the first is planning my meals in advance. If I just eat whatever all day long I'm doomed. Life is too chaotic for that and if I don't plan, I'll put everyone else first as usual. No more! The second is...exersize. I would rather have root canal each day FOR A MONTH than exersize...but, I have no choice. I'm getting too old to pretend I can lose without it! I purchased a giant treadmill (I call it "The Beast"). The Beast is scary and intimidating but I hope to make him my friend one day. ;-) I actually started using the thing which for me, is nothing short of a miracle. ;-)

    Wishing you ALL the best on your journey, I don't keep up with many blogs but this is a keeper. Here's to dropping a few sizes by spring! How amazing it would be not to feel crappy for yet another summer too. ;-) Keep up the great work, You've inspired me to get my blog up and running asap! Take care and best of luck over the weekend!

    Jodi :-)

  5. I am a fellow Weight Watcher. I saw your post about your blog on the WW FB page. I have really enjoyed your thoughts, insights and inspiration. I like your thoughts regarding the stress eating -- so true, the stress will still be there after I finish the donuts, or whatever! In fact, the stress might even be worse because then I'll beat myself up for eating the donuts too! Thanks for putting it in perspective in a no-nonsense way! Go get 'em Nik -- you CAN DO THIS!