Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 Little Known Facts

So, it’s Saturday night and I’m spending it like any normal 24 year old: putting together new house goods from IKEA, doing dishes and doing about 20 loads of laundry! Yeah, I’m totally living the wild life.  Although, I am currently enjoying an ice cold 55 calorie beer with my smart ones cookie dough sundae.  Yeah, Badass status for sure.
Anyway since it’s the weekend and I didn’t have to endure the diet obstacle course of work, there’s not really much to talk about today.  And, since I know the 4 or 5 friends that I have reading this blog aren’t checking 50 times a day; I know my over 300 page views in one day are people that really know nothing more than I’m some crazy fat chick that posts half naked pictures of herself on the internet. Not so dear readers! While I am some crazy fat chick that posts half naked pictures of herself on the internet there are many more layers to Nik. And here are 10 facts about me:
1. My full first name is Nicole. Not Nichole. It is pronounced “Nik-ole” not “Nik-hole”. I usually go by Niki. Nik is reserved for really close friends, and my mom. Also there is only one way to spell Niki and Nik. It frustrates me to no end when I get “Nikki.” Again, it’s pronounced “Nik-ee” not “Nik-Key” or “ni-ki-key.” And Nik is the shorter version of Niki. Fact Number 1? I’m super anal about how people spell my name.
2. All of the nicknames my family and fiancé have for me are food related: Coco, Cheeto, chicken, bologna and my absolute favorite because my grandma used to call me it, Niki-noodle.
3. While I am not a tidy person by any means, I am a clean freak. I have been known to spend 3 hours scrubbing an oven after an 8 hour work day. My favorite cleaning supply is toothpicks because they get the grime out of small spaces. In fact, just before starting tonight’s blog I scrubbed the shit out our teapot because the rim on the bottom was dirty. When I was a supervisor at Togo’s (a sandwich shop) and Baskin Robbins, my favorite saying was “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.” I’m pretty sure the crew hated me.
4. I went to school to become a funeral director. I see dead people on a daily basis and I have embalmed before. Although, I haven’t embalmed in close to two years, I can pretty much bet I can still raise a carotid artery in less than a minute still. I have my Associates of Science in Funeral Service Education.
5. I was in one beauty pageant when I was about a year old and got first place in my age division. I still have the trophy at my mom’s house.
6. Every year I do the “walk to end Alzheimer’s.” My dad was diagnosed when was 56. So it’s a cause really close to my heart.
7. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love dressing up, and I’m usually a zombie. I’m pretty much obsessed with zombies.

8. I got my pup Dexter because someone decided that he was annoying and threw him out of a car at a McDonalds. My friend picked him up and called me to see if I wanted him. I took him home that day and told Phil it was only so he could spend the night to see if he got along with Chip, our cat.  And, he’s been with us ever since.
Yeah they got along just fine.

9. My favorite color is leopard print.
10. I have 10 tattoos, 11 if you count my cover up.

That's a top hat in case you can't tell because my webcam sucks

Well my friends, I hope you learned a little bit about me tonight. The first ever video weigh in will be up tomorrow. I know you guys are dying of anticipation. I love you all and once again thank you for all of the kind words!

And remember:


  1. I knew a lot.of those!Especially the vessel raising skills.:) are you still waiting on an apprenticeship?

  2. I had no idea you got more tattoos, I'm jealous, I only have four. And although you go by Niki most of the time, I was stuck on Nicole, and till this day I still am. I am also sorry to hear about your dad.,How drastic is it? Is he still able to be the funny guy I once knew?